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Below is the Melbourne 2018 Program.  The Perth 2019 Program will be released in March, 2019.  #staytuned

9.00am Creating SOCIAL IMPACT through a Profit for Purpose business – what, why, how Maree Cutler-Naroba

9.45am Digital Marketing Strategies to Champion a Cause Nic Henry Jones 


11.00am The Story of Exousia Inc and Tips on Nourishing You Tammy Sooveere  

11.45am Being an Influential Voice for your Cause: Be Heard, Stand Out Annemarie Cross

12.30pm LUNCH

1.15pm  ENTREPRENEURS PANEL with  Annemarie Cross, Brenda Tsiaousis, Nic Jones, Miriam Holme

2.00pm Believe, Become, Build: Growing a thriving life and business from the inside out. Brenda Tsiaousis 

2.45pm Move and Groove Session Megan Dahl

3.15pm  Financially Scaling a Profit for Purpose Business Miriam Holme 

4.00pm Profit for Purpose: a start-up business journey Debara Foran

4.30pm BREAK TIME 

5pm  to 6.30pm



Cocktail Food served

Interviews with:

Venna Tohilima Founder of Lash Fix: Eyelash and Beauty Bar

Rachel Titley:,Founder Notes from R, Speaker, Blogger, Lyricist Vlogger

Prophetic Prayer for your business

I went to the Brisbane Deborah Conference (TDC Brisbane, November 2017) and it impacted me in a very profound way, I was asked to sit on the authors panel – the first time I had ever done that! I felt very humbled to be asked. There was so much information, covering all the areas that are so important to us as women in the market place, the girls who were a part of the event were all amazing, it was fun, emotional, prayerful, playful, insightful, full of wisdom, love and encouragement.

Maree is inspired and the women and men, she picked as speakers were perfect for the day. It was because of the prayers and the word I got at this conference that I took a bold step and published my children’s book, this has led to an awesome outpouring from God with other ideas and strategies and a clearer vision of who I am in Him. I also took a hold of my business finances and have been learning how to manage the day to day running of my business from a financial viewpoint.My word! I say go! Don’t hesitate for one minute. If you are reading this, it’s for you! I can highly recommend attending.

Jan Morris, Children’s Book Author, Prophetic Poet, Living Toxic Free Advocate, www.iamjanmorris.com