At #TDC20 you will hear from Christian Women Entrepreneurs all at different stages of their business life. They each come with a different journey of Business and Faith and you will inspired and empowered by them.  Our 2020 Speakers will be announced soon, but below were our speakers from 2019 Perth Conference to give you a taster!  #MightyDeborahs

Maree Cutler-Naroba (Kununurra)

Dream Nurturer, Business Strategist, Content Writer, Child Protection Advocate, Founder Deborah Conference

 Nic Henry Jones  (Adelaide)

Digital Marketing Specialist, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Founder Christian Entrepreneur Project

Natasha Short  (Kununurra)

Indigenous Affairs Consultant and Adviser, Leadership Trainer, Events Specialist, Speaker

Founder Kimberley Jiyigas (Birds)

Annemarie Cross (Melbourne)

Brand and Communication Specialist, The Podcasting Queen, Author

 Sarah Reimann (Adelaide)

Accountant, Business Advisor, Speaker, Trainer, Mentor


Melissa Ahiquist (Perth)

Small business owner, Property Investor

Founder Little Biz Foundations,

Kym Siddons (Adelaide)

Physiotherapist, Movement Trainer

Diana Henderson (Perth)

Branding Photographer Specialist, Fine Art Photographer

Marianne Petersen (Melbourne)

Passionate Creative, Word Girl, Handstamped Jewellry-maker

Hayley Solich (Perth)

Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Creative, Carer Consultant

Founder Heart-Called Ministries,


TDC was brilliant and I loved meeting each women. I took away fabulous insights and precious nuggets.


Brenda Tsiaousis, Hobart