2023 TDC Conference

Join us on the 27th May, 2023 for our next face to face Conference in Adelaide.  

The next TDC will be held in Adelaide on 27th May 2023, 7th TDC in our 7th year. Perfect in God’s hands!

We have a boutique team of 8 incredible speakers lined up for the conference, After each teaching segment from the speakers, there will be prayer and the prophetic and some practical planning activities that go with our teaching segment.

Our TDC23 scripture focus is Psalm 2:8 Lord we ask you for the nations. Challenging us as Mighty Deborahs to think about the global impact we can have as Christian Women in Business.

I would love for you Mighty Deborahs to be there!  The Conference will run from 9.30am to 4.00pm followed by an evening optional dinner and networking, 6.00pm to 7.30pm (with a Dinner speaker).

The conference will be capped at 50 tickets, to maintain the boutique nature which forms part of TDC’s mandate.

Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession. (Psalm 2:8).
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The Conference will encourage and strengthen you as a Christian Women Entrepreneur. The TDC team will bring you a lineup of Mighty Deborahs who will champion you on into Global influence through your Business.

#TDC23 will have content-rich practical sessions – the hallmark of all the TDC conferences and summits; sessions which focus around the 5+U PILLARS of Business (Strategy, Marketing, Legal Matters, HR & Operations, Finances and You the Owner) built on the firm FOUNDATION of CHRIST. 

TDC is about setting our focus on how we can grow our businesses through powerful strategies from digital marketing and number crunching through to networking and powerful praying. Jam-packed sessions with practical and actionable steps to take your business to the next level.

Each Deborah Conference has a different theme and location. The Conference Speakers each reflect on the theme, as part of the Business Education session that they present. Previous themes have been ‘My Mission Field is my Business’ (Adelaide, 2017), ‘Release the words he has given you to write and speak‘ (Brisbane 2017), ‘Profit for Purpose’ (Melbourne, 2018),  ‘A Call to Innovate’ (Perth, 2019),  ‘Mighty Deborah’s as Catalysts of Peace’ (Virtual Summit 2020), and ‘Thriving in Business’ (Virtual Summit 2021).


Awake O Deborah Awake (Judges 5)

The Deborah Conference is a global boutique conference founded in 2016 by Maree Cutler-Naroba Dream Nurturer, Business Strategist, Writer and Child Protection Advocate to inspire Christian Women Entrepreneurs to live a business life of passionate pursuit and purpose wrapped in His presence.

Gals I look forward to hosting you at a TDC Event soon! 

Kingdom women social entrepreneurs and pioneers.

The Deborah Conference is a boutique global conference educating and championing Kingdom women social entrepreneurs and pioneers.

What is a social entrepreneur? 

A person who explore business opportunities that have a positive impact on their community, in society or in the world; profit for purpose.

A business that impacts beyond today and leaves a legacy across the nations, for the generations to come.


Please support the building of Agape Star Christian School, Buikwe District, Uganda. For details about the school CLICK HERE and to donate CLICK HERE.. ASCS is under the Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation. Maree Cutler-Naroba is Board Chair of the School and a Director of BLCDF, Uganda. 

Who is the Deborah Conference for? 

Dear Mighty Deborah,

Are you a passionate God-lover pursuing a BOLD and EXPANDING dream in your heart to grow a business that is used for His Kingdom purposes, a business that impacts beyond today and leaves a legacy across the nations, for the generations to come after you?

Do you have a deep prophetic ache in your Spirit to have your business positioned in such a way that His very presence oozes in and through all you do so that your clients, customers, suppliers and networks would be touched by the power of His Spirit and the unfailing relentless love of the Father?

Do you walk in a pioneer anointing that at times can feel like you are very alone as you act on what you believe God has dropped into your heart; and it seems like there is no traction or momentum building? As a result of weariness and what, for the most part, seems like a relentless battle you want to let go of your God business dream and the outworking of that?

Mighty Deborah if these words resonate with you, then I strongly and gently CALL YOU to join us at our Deborah Conferences: a time where you will be strengthened and encouraged in the business mandate God has put in your heart.

Each Deborah Conference is a powerful time in our God as we prophetically pray, pioneer and plan for the GLOBAL impact God has anointed and positioned Mighty Deborahs for.

A Clarion Call: Arise Mighty Deborahs. Arise throughout the Nations.

A Prohetic Song // Anita Alexander // 19/4/23 

Challenged to get back into the Business World

Through taking part in the Virtual Summit (TDC2020), God has challenged me to trust in Him to get back into the business world to share my knowledge and talents; plus to be an encourager for other women to step out.

Trish King (Perth, Australia)

A Diligent Deborah

All the Deborah conferences have helped me to grow spiritually and trust God with the future of my business. The most valuable lessons from TDC20 for me were to become a diligent Deborah, a servant in God's Kingdom a peacemaker, being a woman who places her trust in God, seeks His guidance and uses her God-given abilities to work for His Glory.

Adina Weins (Adelaide, Australia) 

All the way from Israel

Hi Maree I wanted to personally say thank you for the gift of this summit! I received this gift through Marianne Peterson and have longed for a Biblical perspective to business for 3 years now!!! I live in Israel, and "devorah" (the "b" and "v"  in Hebrew are the same letter ״ב״) is truly the Hebrew word for bee! Seeing the image of the bee in your introduction also communicated to me the fact that it is the bee that creates sweet honey!

Amen! Let it bee!!!!! God bless you!!!!  Angelina Francesca (Israel)

Amazing Day!

I had the amazing privilege to be able to attend The Deborah Conference #TDC18. With a selection of peer speakers from around the country, bringing a bit of education, a bit of their journey and experience and loads of encouragement, it was truly an inspiring day!  Melissa Ahiquist, Perth


The Deborah Conference was BRILLIANT. So good to experience an event with so many women sharing their incredible stories and their special business tips. Super practical and very relevant.  Ferial Reynolds, Adelaide


TDC was brilliant and I loved meeting each women. I took away fabulous insights and precious nuggets.  Brenda Tsiaousis, Hobart

The Deborah Conference mission is to raise up a Global Generation of Mighty Deborahs, awakening Christian Women Entrepreneurs to shift the course of History via Christ-Centered Business Education.

The charity of choice for TDC is the Barnabas Legacy Children's Dream Foundation. You can support this work further by purchasing from the Visual Art Stars Group COLLECTION on the Red Bubble Store.


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Educating and championing Kingdom women social entrepreneurs and pioneers.