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‘Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession’. (Psalm 2:8).

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Deborah was one who received fresh mandates from heaven, and though she knew how evil the oppression of King Jabin was, she also knew that with God anything is possible!. Something in Deborah knew how to pull on the resources of heaven, stand in the counsels of the Lord (Jeremiah 23) and open her mouth and let Him fill it (Psalm 81:10).

Passionate Pursuit | Purpose | His Presence

Seeing in the heavens and moving with prophetic proclamations, Deborah released the warrior angels of the Lord to fight ancient demonic principalities. Deborah knew the enemy’s schemes and helped to empower the war in the heavens, destroying the enemy. She brought holy reversal to the evil plans. In her moment of crisis,

As a prophetess and military strategist, Deborah called the nation to war. She was a military strategist who not only wielded the hand of God but also operated with the heart of God. You see, Deborah was a deliverer! She loved the people and they loved her. She delivered them from a great enemy.

Our Mandate

Shifting the course of history

For Deborah, intercession was a dialogue in which she began to download strategic war plans, blue prints from heaven, and keys to open doors that no man can shut and shut doors that no man can open (Isaiah 22:22). Deborah decreed the Word of the Lord and creation bowed to her command. Her prayers and military governmental leadership shifted the course of history and saved the nation of Israel.


Now is the time for #mightydeborah’s to arise! 

Below are some recent Prophetic words that have resonated with who we are as Mighty Deborahs to encourage, empower and champion you into new seasons in God.

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A Prophetic Song // Anita Alexander // 19/4/23 

The Mantle of Deborah // Emma Stark // 30/7/23 

I can hear the sound of a great and mighty army marching on the horizon.

It is an army of God’s daughters, coming to claim their inheritance.

I can feel the ground shaking as they march together in unison, sending shockwaves into the enemy’s camp for they come to retrieve their territory.

I can see their eyes burning with a fierce passion for their Beloved, they are moving in response to His call. His call is one of urgency, like a drum beating with the sounds of war whose notes are echoing out across the four corners of the earth. His voice calls out to His daughters, “rise up my daughters, rise up! I am releasing the mantles of Deborah and Esther to rest upon you in this hour. This is your moment. I am giving your enemies into your hands.”

Read the Prophecy Transcript HERE.

Dr JoLynne Whittaker Ministries // 14th May 2024
SOMETHING SUPERNATURAL IS HAPPENING. God is arranging people and positioning you where you need to be. Destiny is calling and God’s people are answering.

Mantles are falling and assignments are being given. Strategic partnerships are forming for such a time as this and Heaven is sending revelation. Anointing’s are increasing, battles are being won, and territories are being taken.


Against a backdrop of lawlessness, political corruption, violent cities and governmental espionage, DEBORAH AROSE AND GOD USED HER TO IMPACT THINGS.

She was no common woman.

Deborah was a woman of God, she was a wife, she was a prophet, she was known for her wisdom, she had a location, and she functioned as a judge. She made hard decisions and got it done. God put uncommon men of bravery and strength around her and Deborah did highly uncommon things.

LIKE DEBORAH, certain things won’t change in your world until you ARISE. Certain things won’t happen at all until you arise a MOTHER. PEOPLE ARE WAITING ON YOU TO ARISE!

The destiny God ordained for your life requires you to flow in a renewed and anointed version of yourself. And if you’re a man, I prophesy your uncommon Kingdom woman or strategic partner will soon locate you. In the name of Jesus.

There was violence –

There were lawless cities –

It was unsafe to go on certain roads –


I prophesy God is going to use you to be the pushback, the anointed vessel, THE CHANGE.🔥🔥

Lana Vawser // 10th March 2021
Recently, I had an encounter with the Lord and I heard the Lord speaking over many daughters of God, “In the stillness, you will sing”.
The Lord is drawing many daughters of God into a deep place of ministry in His presence where He is bringing stillness to their soul. There is a deep place of peace that the Lord is bringing these ones into. Where the battle has been fierce, where the trials have been fiery, where the journey has been long and the souls of many are empty, struggling and weary, the Lord is bringing these ones deep into the rest of His love and presence will never before. He is quieting the souls of these ones in His love. He is bringing forth a level of refreshment that they have not experienced before. He is bringing them into encounters with His heart in such a deep way, that it is causing their hearts to come back to life. It is causing passion, vision, and life to arise within their hearts again.
I saw Jesus bringing many of these daughters of God into this place of encounter beside still waters that were bringing such deep peace that surpasses understanding that is found in who Jesus is and in His presence. This beautiful river of stillness that I saw the Lord bringing them to was in the most beautiful garden. It was the garden of intimacy. It was the place of Psalm 23. As He drew these ones deep into this place, I watched as they lay down beside the still waters (Psalm 23:2) and Jesus placed His hands upon their hearts. As He did I heard the sound of defribulators in the spirit. His eyes locked with theirs, His eyes that burn like flames of fire they began to weep and weep and weep as they were OVERCOME WITH HIS LOVE.
His eyes locked with theirs, looking not away, the very gaze of delight in His eyes for them, His very pleasure of who they are, began to cause their hearts to beat again to the beat of LIFE. Hopelessness was falling away. Depression was breaking off. Sadness was melting away. Chains and deep wounds of trauma were being healed. Fear was fleeing, strongholds of anxiety were becoming a thing of the past. As His eyes blazed with fire, healing was manifesting. Deliverance was happening. It was in the revelation of His nature and His undying, passionate, fierce love for them that wholeness and wellness were returning.
He spoke again: “You are My delight and I rejoice over you with singing. (Zephaniah 3:17) You have measured My delight in you by what you ‘do’ for Me, but My delight in you comes from who you are in Me, and who I created you to be. You work not for My delight. You are My delight.”
I began to see the minds of so many of these daughters of God, racing. His words of truth were confronting belief systems within them of having to ‘earn’ the pleasure of Jesus, to ‘earn’ the love of Jesus. I began to hear Romans 5:8 thundering in the atmosphere:
“But Christ proved God’s passionate love for us by dying in our place while we were still lost and ungodly”.
The Lord spoke again while His hands still remained on their hearts: “It’s the awakening of Romans 5:8”
I began to see that in this place of deep stillness with the Lord that He was awakening the revelation of Romans 5:8. The depth of healing that I was seeing take place through the revelation of this Scripture, I do not have words for. It was the deepest I have ever seen. It was a transformation on a level that was indescribable. It wasn’t ‘partial’ transformation, it was a complete transformation in the awakening of the love of God demonstrated through the death of our beautiful Jesus and a ‘coming into a true identity that was unprecedented. What struck me was many of these daughters of God had walked with the Lord for many, many years but were now suddenly coming into a place of confrontation with the orphan spirit they had carried and they were now suddenly coming into the place of a true revelation of their identity of daughters of God. Some of these daughters of God knew of the deep struggle with identity within their hearts and this was a time of long-awaited breakthrough, but for others, they had not even recognised these issues of the heart and the Lord was suddenly bringing them to the surface to bring healing.
The Lord spoke again:
“I am causing your heart to burn with My love like never before. Your heart is being UNDONE by My love. You will sing again. In the stillness, you will sing. I am bringing stillness to your soul. I am restoring your soul. The encounter with Me in this place of Psalm 23 is bringing deep refreshing. Do not rush this place of stillness, stay with Me and allow Me to breathe life into thee. I am bringing you into My rest like you have not known before. I am bringing you into a depth of My rest that will cause you to arise in greater strength.”
I watched as this deep encounter with Jesus and many daughters of God was taking place, their hearts coming back to life. He was loving them back to life. I then began to hear the sound of glass shattering. I looked and I saw “glass ceilings” shattering. The Lord then spoke “I have called many of My daughters into places of influence like Esther and Deborah but they have been contained. The enemy has come in many different forms to keep them contained, but today I declare through the power of My Spirit and the deep work of My Spirit within them, I am breaking the assignments of the enemy that has kept them contained. Not only will they sing again, but once My work is done within them in this time of stillness, there is greater commissioning that will manifest. They will go forth and take their place as the Esther’s and Deborah’s like never before.”
“It is almost midnight for you My daughters, it is almost fullness for you to step into the new realms. The place of Psalm 23 is an ever-present reality and revelation that you will now walk in continually in a deeper way every day, but there is also a divine Selah, a divine pause to “come away with Me” in the natural to allow Me to do the work that I need to do, but this is but for a moment for Me to bring healing, deliverance, restoration, and freedom to you. Then many of you will be commissioned to go forth like Esther and Deborah and you will go forth healed, whole, restored, and with an unhindered ROAR.”
Lana Vawser
Maree Cutler Naroba // 25th February 2021
There is a movement of prophetic women arising in the earth such as not been seen before; they are coming out from their graves from every corner of the globe: towns, cities and nations are going to hear the Lord’s word to them through these women.
Women going about their day in their communities, jobs, homes, schools and so on, they will open their mouth and the wisdom that will pour forth – the answers, the solutions, the healing – will astound those around them. Surely they will say what is this woman speaking for, she normally holds back, doesn’t have much to say and here she is speaking in such a way that surely it can only be her God through her: the one we know she loves and adores.
Rise up movement of prophetic women, rise up. It is your year to come forth in the power and might of your God, you have prayed, you have cried out to the Lord. Through the dead of the night, and the struggles of the day you have held fast to the Father; you have not let go of the hem of His garment. You have been in the wilderness for 10 years, that 10 years is over and now the new day will spring forth.
(Biblically the number 10 is a symbol of the authority of God and his government on the Earth. It also symbolises responsibility, law and completeness. It is the symbol of obedience and responsibility of people towards God’s law).
This movement of women coming forth walk in obedience to their Father, in the wilderness they have learned that nothing else matters except His ways. It has been so hard, so painful to keep stepping through the wilderness – feeling so abandoned, so afraid, so disconnected; yet the call of God has been so strong and there has been a deep belly ache that has caused you to literally and figuratively put one foot in front of the other day by day.
It is over! It is time to come forth! Let His word ring out, sound aloud, trumpet over cities, towns and nations; the day of the Lord, His ways, His purposes, the justice and recompense of the Lord.
Maree Cutler Naroba


Cheree Morton // February 2021
Cheree Morton Prophecy 2021
\I heard the Lord say, “Get ready, I am lifting the veil”. The Lord gave me a vision. In my vision I was kneeling before the Lord as He was placing a crown upon my head, as I looked around, many other women were kneeling before the Lord waiting to be crowned.
I feel the Lord is raising a mighty army of women and I believe this is the year of the Deborah anointing where the Lord is raising mighty women of God who are not afraid to step into battle and prophesy and intercede for their family, loved ones and those around them.
2021 is the year the Lord is raising a remnant of mighty Deborah’s with swords in their hands saying, “Enough is enough, I am taking back what the enemy has stolen from me and my family for God’s Glory and to advance the Kingdom of God”.
The Lord said, “Get Ready”, before the Lord can use these mighty Deborah’s, I believe the Lord is saying get your heart right with Him because “I am lifting the veil” so that you become like mirrors who brightly reflect the Glory of the Lord Jesus because you are being transfigured into His very image as you move from one brighter level of Glory to another, and this glorious transfiguration comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit…2 Cor 3:18 TPT
After my vision the Lord led me to James 1:12 TPT. IF your faith remains strong, even while surrounded by life’s difficulties, you will continue to experience the untold blessings of God! True happiness comes as you pass the test with faith, and receive the victorious crown of life promised to every lover of God.
Sisters, you have remained strong in your faith, even as you have been surrounded by life’s difficulties, your spirit hasn’t wavered and I believe in 2021, the Lord is taking you to a higher level of glory as He begins to transforms you into His very Image and to raise you up as the mighty Deborah’s you are called to be.
“Awake, awake, Deborah! Awake, awake, sing a song! Judges 5:12
I hear the Lord say, “Awake, awake, mighty Deborah’s! . . Awake, awake and sing a new song! . . The Lord is saying This is a new season, He is breaking old cycles, old patterns and old mindsets. A preparation season we cannot take lightly Sisters because He is equipping His daughters and raising up an army of woman who will speak love into the injustices and inequalities in their families, communities and nations. Daughters who will walk in a freedom unlike before, a freedom like no other, a freedom that is unimaginable, a season His daughters will walk into all that God has created them to be.
No longer will you look into the past trauma, hurts and pains and shrink back or allow it to affect you the way it has in the past because the Lord is transforming you into His very imagine and raising you up Sisters to look into the past with love and compassion and walk in complete freedom and humility, an unimaginable freedom like no other because when people look into your eyes they will see love, Jesus’ love. When you walk into a room, Sisters, people are going to be drawn to the light that is within you that radiates ever so brightly and this beautiful light you radiate will bring Glory to our Father and an advancement to His Kingdom.
“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you”. Ephesian 3:20 TPT
Cheree Morton


Christy Johnston // February 2021

Deborah has been a theme for me of late… and in light of today’s equality act passing in the House, I’m realizing more and more, just why.

I’ve been working on a spoken prophetic word about Deborah (hoping to release it soon… but never have I had more complications & technical issues arise with a prophetic word ? – and I have such small windows of time at the moment ?

In the meantime, I wanted to release this simple declaration over you: I see the mantle of Deborah and Esther alike, resting upon the daughters of God in this hour. Never before (in our lifetime anyway) have we faced such violent opposition to the family… God is raising up an army of daughters as defenders and protectors of our territory. I for one, will not be silent.

I see courage resting upon you, daughter. Divine courage from above. Step into it, this is your hour. Speak. Shout. Pray and declare! If God is for us, who dare be against us?! Deborah, arise! 

Denise Sylvia Bekker // April 2020

? Bee Diffusion!

‘Mighty Deborah’s are Arising! God is using them as Diffuses, spreading out, transferring and interconnecting. They are strong in battle, wielding a ‘sting’ in warfare..rendering the enemy powerless! O death where is your sting? Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through The Lord Jesus Christ. Deborah’s represent the Abundant Life in Him and intercept the sting of death which is sin and has already been beat! The Deborah Mantle is a Mantle of Diffusion within The Body. Golden Honey Oil is flowing, saturating and infusing Liquid Gold Anointing of God as a garment. The Song of Deborah depicts the Influence of her Mantle. She was the wife of ‘Lapidat’, Eshet Lapidat translates..Woman of Torches or Fiery Woman! In todays translation..An Anointing Carrier in the order of Elijah! She was a Judge, Prophetess and Mother to Israel. God is awakening His Deborah’s!

They inspire The Army, Declare The Truth and know The Times. Her weapon is The Word. In ancient Hebrew ‘Dibberah’ means..”She Spoke!” Also means..Bee..Just like a queen bee, she raises up the swarm for battle, sends out drones to protect the hive, and conquer new territory!

In All Glory she gives Praise to The Lord. She esteems all who lay down there lives as a living sacrifice. Deborah’s sing A New Song in the order of The Royal Priesthood..Holy and True! Activating the Army of Hosts..Diffusing Prophetic Army Mobilisation. For she ‘knows’ her All Powerful Lord God of Israel. A Mother of Israel, she arose to infuse life into all. War at the gates, foreign gods destroyed! Upon her Mantle is the Righteousness of Christ, she uplifts those in Godly reign and leadership.

Her Song is..Awake Awake, Prophecy of His Great Grace! Even The Stars in Heaven are activated.. and in their courses the Stars/Angels do fight! Behold! Mantles of Deborah as spiritual pollination moves over territories and nations…even cross-pollination! This shall bring forth New Era Word of The Lord, New Kingdom Strategies! Yes..spiritual seeding, viable, strengthened and have power in re-seeding like kind. Thus a Great Harvest!

Another meaning of Deborah in Hebrew is, Formalizer! This Mantle gives Form and Shape..too the New Things of The Kingdom. As being proper and official, thus carrying The Seal of Approval by The Lord Jesus Christ. Deborah – verb – Dabar in Hebrew – to formalise and pronounce. Now, this sounds like..word and deed! Prophetic Action!

The Mantle of Deborah diffuses into The Body of Christ..manifests, establishes power, prophetic mandates and spiritual divine information directed from The Throne Room of God..where the foundation is of Gold. Golden Oil Honey saturates The Mantle of His Presence.

Let us be poured out as a liquid, spread out that we may infuse wide areas. For thy Kingdom come O Lord, And the Honey Oil will be as salve to our eyes in order that we may See the Abundance of Your Glory of All in All! Father be Glorified!’
Ezekiel 3:3 Rev 10:9

#DeborahMantle #MatrixOil #IncorruptibleHoney #ScrollPropheticHoney ??

Denise Sylvia Bekker, April 2020 (NZ Christian Writer and Poetist)  

Nate Johnston // 27th March 2020

Deborahs where are you? For the last three days I’ve been hearing in my spirit “Deborahs rise up, there’s a breaker in your shout!” and sensing that there is something so potent on what God is speaking through and to mighty women of God around the earth right now.

Deborah In the bible was a prophetess who led the Israelites out of oppression into one of the most incredible victories and I believe God is raising up a generation of Deborahs that will stand in the face of opposition, press and pray through the storm, prophesy the victory, and take down strongholds and principalities.

Deborah means “bee” and denotes the SOUND that is released through the sound of their wings, but also the sweetness of honey in their words, the healing, the nurture, and the LIFE and sustenance it contains. But the bee also has a powerful sting and gives its life to disable its enemy. In the same way this describes the powerful purpose these voices have in the earth.. and why it’s so crucial right now!

But can I just upfront for a moment? There has been an assignment to shut down the voices of female prophets, through insecurity, comparison, and competition, and so many deborahs right now have been feeling frustrated and confused because they have a sound, a voice in side of them they need to release but it’s been suppressed. There is a deficit of female prophets BEING HEARD right now. Who will hear them? Who will accomodate them?

Deborahs can I simply encourage you today to lift your voice. I break off every muzzle and where you felt silenced and squashed. I speak healing where you were suppressed by men, wounded by men’s-club Christianity, or stung by queen bee’s trying to protect their territory in Jesus name. The father gives you permission today to lift your voice, in fact the world is crying out for it, and we need you right now because your shout carries the remedy.

Deborahs Arise.

Nate Johnston, 27 March 2020

Pastor Veronica Masinde // August 2019

THE CALL FOR THE DEBORAH GENERATION TO WAKE UP & COME FORTH IS #GLOBAL!  Pastor Veronica says ‘Deborah was an incredible woman of faith in her day. She was a judge, prophet, valiant warrior, governmental leader, all in one package. She knew God’s timing and nature to deliver His people from oppression, and received God’s wisdom and strategy to bring victory to her nation. The Deborahs of God are arising! They are mounting up together to ride and say, “We will feed the poor, take care of the orphans, preach the gospel, help eradicate poverty, and free slaves and those bound in prostitution! We will have a voice in our nations.’

The call is announced for the Deborah Generation to wake up! ‘In our desire to make a difference as women, we must learn to speak God’s voice against the forces of darkness and claim the promises from God’s Word in the face of impossibility. When we believe, nothing is impossible to us. No demon can stand before us. Isaiah 30: 31 says: “For through the voice of the Lord shall the Assyrian be beaten down.” In other words, when we prophesy God’s Word or release God’s voice, every enemy is beaten down and utterly defeated. Woman Arise and Take your Place!’

Pastor Veronica Masinde, Bethel Covenant Connection Church, Uganda, August 2019

Lana Vawser // 12th August 2017

“MOMENTUM ………Some strategies I will have you lay your hands to in this season may seem completely opposite to what you imagined, they may not make sense in the natural, but follow My leading, follow My prompting. Don’t follow what you have done before, or what you think will work, follow the blueprint I will release to you, strategies I will give you through My Word, and you will see MORE breakthrough and fruitfulness, favour and increase in those strategies than the ways that could be manufactured. The season upon the body of Christ is glorious, what I am doing and how I am going to show up in greater ways will leave you in awe, but you must make room through your surrender to Me.” Extract, Prophetic Word, Lana Vawser, 12 August 2017.

Darren Canning Ministries // 18 July 2017

I had a dream about two years ago where I saw the women rising up with wings like eagles to become some of the most amazing ministers of our time. When the men of Israel were weak God raised up Deborah. The Deborahs are rising in this hour. 

Julie Meyer, Morning Star Ministries // 21 May 2017

God is inviting Deborah’s to wake up, rise up, and be a voice: you were created for a season, for such a time as this.


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