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🐝 Bee Diffusion!
‘Mighty Deborah’s are Arising! God is using them as Diffuses, spreading out, transferring and interconnecting. They are strong in battle, wielding a ‘sting’ in warfare..rendering the enemy powerless! O death where is your sting? Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through The Lord Jesus Christ. Deborah’s represent the Abundant Life in Him and intercept the sting of death which is sin and has already been beat! The Deborah Mantle is a Mantle of Diffusion within The Body. Golden Honey Oil is flowing, saturating and infusing Liquid Gold Anointing of God as a garment. The Song of Deborah depicts the Influence of her Mantle. She was the wife of ‘Lapidat’, Eshet Lapidat translates..Woman of Torches or Fiery Woman! In todays translation..An Anointing Carrier in the order of Elijah! She was a Judge, Prophetess and Mother to Israel. God is awakening His Deborah’s!

They inspire The Army, Declare The Truth and know The Times. Her weapon is The Word. In ancient Hebrew ‘Dibberah’ means..”She Spoke!” Also means..Bee..Just like a queen bee, she raises up the swarm for battle, sends out drones to protect the hive, and conquer new territory!

In All Glory she gives Praise to The Lord. She esteems all who lay down there lives as a living sacrifice. Deborah’s sing A New Song in the order of The Royal Priesthood..Holy and True! Activating the Army of Hosts..Diffusing Prophetic Army Mobilisation. For she ‘knows’ her All Powerful Lord God of Israel. A Mother of Israel, she arose to infuse life into all. War at the gates, foreign gods destroyed! Upon her Mantle is the Righteousness of Christ, she uplifts those in Godly reign and leadership.

Her Song is..Awake Awake, Prophecy of His Great Grace! Even The Stars in Heaven are activated.. and in their courses the Stars/Angels do fight! Behold! Mantles of Deborah as spiritual pollination moves over territories and nations…even cross pollination! This shall bring forth New Era Word of The Lord, New Kingdom Strategies! Yes..spiritual seeding, viable, strengthened and have power in re-seeding like kind. Thus a Great Harvest!

Another meaning of Deborah in Hebrew is, Formalizer! This Mantle gives Form and Shape..too the New Things of The Kingdom. As being proper and offical, thus carrying The Seal of Approval by The Lord Jesus Christ. Deborah – verb – Dabar in Hebrew – to formalise and pronounce. Now this sounds like..word and deed! Prophetic Action!

The Mantle of Deborah diffuses into The Body of Christ..manifests, establishes power, prophetic mandates and spiritual divine information directed from The Throne Room of God..where the foundation is of Gold. Golden Oil Honey saturates The Mantle of His Presence.

Let us be poured out as liquid, spread out that we may infuse wide areas. For thy Kingdom come O Lord, And the Honey Oil will be as salve to our eyes in order that we may See the Abundance of Your Glory of All in All! Father be Glorified!’
Ezekiel 3:3 Rev 10:9
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Denise Sylvia Bekker, April 2020 (NZ Christian Writer and Poetist)