Change was coming. Isaac could feel it in the air as he sat beneath the branches of a big apple tree. This time of year the sun still had its warm glow but you could feel the crisp chill of autumn just below the surface, like a fish you know lies in the dark hollows of the water, but your eye just can’t quite make it out. “It must be the season for it”, thought Isaac. He could feel the answer to his problem swimming just below the surface of his conscience, but no matter how hard his mind’s eye concentrated, he just couldn’t see it. “This is maddening!” Isaac muttered to himself, and with an exasperated thump he lied back against the rough trunk of the tree. The sudden bump of his body weight against the tree caused all the leaves in the tree to shake, and suddenly one red apple fell from the branches and hit Mr. Isaac Newton on the head.

Isaac Newton is probably one of the greatest innovators of human history. Most of modern science is built on the foundations of Newtons ideas. What I love about Isaac Newton’s work though is the fact that most of his work wasn’t about creating something new, but rather about bringing clarity and understanding to what already existed. Mr Newton didn’t invent gravity, but rather identified it and gave language and understanding to what gravity is and how it functions. His ability to define and measure that the force of gravity on planet earth is 9.087 m/sec 2 has revolutionised science.

I believe that the “Call to Innovate” that God is bringing us into in this season isn’t about creating something new, but rather, like Newton, God is bringing deep clarity and understanding to His people about how He has designed His creation. Like gravity, I believe that God has created “laws” of how business and wealth is created, and that when we build our businesses according to these laws we can guarantee the outcome in the same way that we can guarantee that an apple will fall from a tree at 9.087 m/sec 2 every time. I like to think of these rules as “The Natural Laws of Business”

One of The Natural Laws of Business that I have found to be true is that generosity leads to growth.  God has called us to build kingdom businesses, and the purpose behind kingdom business is to bring the kingdom of God to earth. If the core motivation behind our business is profit alone then we will never find long term, sustainable success. However, if we see our business as a tool that provides influence, opportunity, and wealth to bring healing and positive change to the causes that break the heart of God, then The Natural Laws of Business tell us that with time and dedication we will be successful. 

It is this idea that is the foundation of our Purpose Driven Brand System. As business owners we should earnestly desire more influence! We should desire to have more power, resources, reach, and innovative ideas, not because we want those things for our self, but because we have a deep and driving passion to bring healing and restoration to the causes that we have been called to be the hands and feet of Jesus to. 

We are so excited to be sharing more at The Deborah Conference what we have learned about Purpose Driven Branding and how you can utilise your business brand to create business growth and increased influence for the kingdom of God. If you haven’t booked your ticket for the conference yet, BOOK HERE.

Diana Henderson, from Life as Art Photography & The Purpose Driven Brand




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